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Primary materials of PVC profiles

As a specialist in machinery, equipment, HR and trained to produce UVC profiles, raw materials are among the most important parameters and factors in this regard. Having negotiated with reputable companies from Germany, France and Austria and considering purchasing the most advanced types of basic infrastructure products for their products, obviously maintaining the color quality and physical structure of the profiles directly over time the raw materials used are related to them.

Mixing machines
Averta is using the most sophisticated European mixing machines, the company mixes and prepares polymer materials. They are then stored in special silos for a specified period of time to be extruded, which is the main part of the production of profiles.

Extrusion machinery

Raw materials enter the extrusion stage after mixing, which is a very precise and sensitive step. In this section, the extruders adjust the profiles according to the type of cross-section and receive the composite materials and produce them in the form of profiles used to make a variety of PVC doors and windows. It is necessary to explain that different molds have been laid out to meet the needs of manufacturers to produce different types of door openings and types.


UPVC profiles are subjected to a variety of tests after production to check for quality. The Averta Lab is equipped with the most up-to-date laboratory equipment for UPVC profile properties and is on-site to enable all products to be monitored and tested by specialists during production and post-production process. The quality of the final product is the key to our success, so we pay close attention to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Quality control

Averta has examined the most advanced UVA PVC profiles produced in the laboratory, following the assurance of product quality and accurate raw material testing, dimension and weight testing, color quality testing, impact strength testing. Do the welding resistance test, the cold and heat resistance? test, and the deviation test of the straight line and then give it to you.

Warranty of Averta Profiles

In addition to the received standards, Averta has consistently tested these profiles to ensure that they are directly quality-assured and, after receiving positive results from their health, offer a 15-year warranty against discoloration and discoloration.

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